About me

Hi there and welcome to my little space on the internet – Shiralism. My name is Shiralee and I write and photograph things that interest me and are going on from my day to day life.

In 2015 I stared out as a beauty blog, but I came to the conclusion that, as chaotic as a woman’s mind can be, like lots of things. I love to portray that onto my blog as well. I call it a lifestyle blog nowadays.

My life has always been digital. Not that it’s that uncommon nowadays, but as an introvert, it felt like I had found a new purpose in sharing and creating things that fit me instead of trying to fit in elsewhere.

Back in the day it started by making my own forum, and after that maintaining and participating in Photoshop challenges. It would only make sense to graduate as a Graphic Designer after that, right?

Later on I developed my passion for photo- and videography and also illustration. Heck, what a handful.

As you can see I love creating content for myself, but also a variable of clients. If you’re interested in working with me, or just want to get to know me better, don’t hesitate to contact me: contact@shiralism.nl

Clients I have worked for as a Graphic Designer

Blossom Books
Unieboek | Het Spectrum

Singel Uitgeverijen

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